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Riau Province - INDONESIA    


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A virgin island - Pulau Jemur


 03.Jul.2009 20:55   comment by : tong   

Hi peter, it costs about five or six million rupiah if you take a ship from bagansiapiapi. this ship can contain 50 people.

 02.Jul.2009 18:09   comment by : Peter Hammer   

hi CK47, thanks for the information. btw, how much for rent speedboat for a trip?

 02.Jul.2009 11:34   comment by : ck47 www.fac   

hi, this island is located in the middle of mallaca straits and it belongs to indonesia teritory. this island is so natural and silence and there's no tourism activity. and there's also no native residing at this island except indonesia marine who guarding the border between indonesia and malaysia. according to coast guard, there would be many sea turtle nesting at the beach. since it is not well known tourist destination, how to get there is bit troublesome. You can either rent speedboat from the nearest town, bagansiapiapi or panipahan. What we did is we travel to a fishing village called panipahan by boat and rent speedboat from there which is took us 1 hour sea ride.

 26.Jun.2009 14:21   comment by : TT   

visit www.bagansiapiapi.net for more details

 25.Jun.2009 19:23   comment by : Peter Hammer   

Hi guy, how to getting there?

 25.Jun.2009 13:39   comment by : Mikhel   

Wow... it's very beautiful. where is the location?

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